Upcoming Games

Office Management 101

Office Management 101 is a satirical office life simulation tycoon game set in a fictional capitalistic dystopia. Step over competitors, drive your staff to the limit and milk the customers for every penny they own in the pursuit for the riches!

Released Games

Don't Ice Your Cool

Released: 2018-06

Puzzle your way off the tiny iceberg you find yourself stuck on. A short point-and-click adventure created using the classic EGA era palette. Winner of MAGS June 2018.

Don't Worry, I'll Bring The Beer!

Released: 2017-08

Resupply your buddies to keep the party going in this trippy short point-and-click adventure. Ranked 10th overall in LOWREZJAM 2017 and 4th in graphics.

Scenario 5B

Released: 2015-03

Tied to a bed and slowly losing control over your body? The small sci-fi adventure won the February 2015 MAGS competition themed "Losing Something".

Pushback Cities

Released: 2014-08

Build, block your opponent from building and try not to be blocked yourself in this offbeat mix of tycoon and puzzle games.

Don't Drink the Pink

Released: 2014-01

A journey in a snowy landscape featuring mysterious Pink infused hallucinations. Winner of January 2014 MAGS competition "Something Cold, Something Burrowed, Something Pink."