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tulevik.EU is a small privately held game development company founded by two brothers, Riho and Raimo Peterson.

Riho is more dedicated to the business and PR side of the company and has years of experience in programming and composing music. Raimo is focused on the creative side and has a strong background in writing and translation. We're both still involved in almost all aspects of game development at times and our exact roles change from project to project.

We strongly believe in providing enriching experiences, not just quick time-wasters. Although we're essentially running a business, we're also proud to have a number of totally free (yes, actually free, not "free-to-play") critically acclaimed games under our belt and we'll definitelly continue releasing such side projects in the future.

tulevik.EU is based in Estonia, where the video games industry is still rather underdeveloped, but slowly gaining momentum.

Aside from games, we also provide translation (English <-> Estonian) as well as web development (Drupal) services.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

We also have a presskit.