Based in Türi, Estonia

Founding date:
December, 2013


Press / Business Contact:
[email protected]


Dont Drink The Pink
Office Management 101


tulevik.EU is a small privately held game development company founded by two brothers, Riho and Raimo Peterson.

Riho is more dedicated to the business and PR side of the company and has years of experience in programming and composing music. Raimo is focused on the creative side and has a strong background in writing and translation. We're both still involved in almost all aspects of game development at times and our exact roles change from project to project.

We strongly believe in providing enriching experiences and try to put a lot of emphasis on the narrative side of the games. Although we're essentially running a business, we're also proud to have a number of totally free (yes, actually free, not "free-to-play") critically acclaimed games under our belt and we'll definitely continue releasing such side projects in the future.


Early history

Riho and Raimo have worked on small games as a hobby since they were teenagers, though never taking it too seriously. Thanks to those experiences Riho made a career out of software development, while Raimo pursued Literary Arts and became a translator.

Getting serious

Around late 2013, Raimo started drawing some screens for a point-and-click adventure game on his free time and reading books and articles about game development. Riho had just quit his job as a software developer and while thinking of his next move, was inspired by his brother to write down some ideas for a game as well. Even though they had ended on a similar path, it quickly became clear they see their immediate future a bit differently. While Raimo was keen on learning the ropes first by making smaller free games, Riho decided to try his hand on making a living out of indie game development instead of continuing in the software industry. They agreed to take on their own separate projects, but help each other out where necessary and work under the same tulevik.EU brand. This has so far worked out for the benefit of both brothers. Raimo has already gotten some acclaim and success with his various game jam entries, helping to raise awareness for Riho's still-in-production business sim Office Management 101, while Riho has been handling the marketing side of tulevik.EU and their games.

The next step

On July 30th, 2014 Osaühing tulevik.EU (tulevik.EU Ltd.) was formally created, with Riho as the CEO of the company. This marked the next step for the brothers on the path of doing game development for living, although most of the inital funding would come from freelance work related to other areas. As time went on, the company's priorities kept shifting more and more towards game development. A few years later, Raimo was earning most of his income from creating pixel art and animation for various indie games, while Riho was still busy with Office Management 101 and occasional programming jobs.

First commercial release

Spring 2022 marked a new milestone for tulevik.EU. After years of development, Office Management 101 finally released in early access on March 16th.



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner of MAGS January 2014" - Don't Drink the Pink
  • "Nominated for Best Short Game in AGS Awards 2014" - Don't Drink the Pink
  • "Winner of MAGS February 2015" - Scenario 5B
  • "10th overall in LOWREZJAM 2017" - Don't Worry, I'll Bring The Beer!
  • "Winner of MAGS June 2018 " - Don't Ice Your Cool
  • "Nominated for Best Short Game in AGS Awards 2018 " - Don't Ice Your Cool
  • "13th overall, 1st in graphics category in LOWREZJAM 2020" - A Prelude to an Adventure
  • "Winner of MAGS August 2020" - A Prelude to an Adventure
  • "Nominated for Best Animation and Best Short Game in AGS Awards 2020" - A Prelude to an Adventure

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Riho Peterson
Developer, Artist, Musician

Raimo Peterson
Designer, Developer, Artist

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